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  • I am the wife of a recovering sex addict. My heart has been broken, and my dreams have been trampled under Satan's feet. I'm writing in this blog to facilitate my own healing; but much more importantly, I'm hoping to facilitate yours. Why is that more important? The answer is simple: strength in numbers. Satan wants to destroy marriages. I pray that I will be used by God to save them! There are so many hurting and wounded people in this world. If my husband and I never recover, you won't know, or care. Your life will go on just as it is today. But, praise the Lord, if we do recover (and we will!), you will know it!! We are wholeheartedly committed to turning the pain and scars of our broken marriage into a life-changing ministry. In addition to writing in this blog, and compiling recovery resources that you are hopefully finding to be very helpful, I am also starting on my first book. Look for "Poured," in bookstores (2009 - Lord willing!). If you are interested in supporting my time financially, please use the links provided. What I've sowed in tears, may many reap in joy! God is so good!

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  • If you would be interested in helping me with the research phase of my book, please take the time to e-mail me with the answers to the following questions.
    Your participation in this anonymous survey is greatly appreciated!
  • 1. Are you male or female?
  • 2. Are you a parent?
    Do you have daughters?
  • 3. How old are you?
  • 4. What is your profession?
  • 5. What is your annual income?
  • 6. Do you struggle financially?
  • 7. Are you the addict, the partner of an addict, or both?
  • 8. Are you single, married, separated, or divorced?
    If divorced or separated, is this due to sex addiction?
  • 9. If married, how long have you been in your current marriage?
  • 10. How many times have you been married?
  • 11. Are you in recovery?
  • 12. What does recovery mean to you?
  • 13. What is the biggest hindrance to your recovery?
  • 14. What has been the biggest asset in your recovery?
  • 15. What do you feel you need (for successful recovery) that you have had trouble finding, if anything?
  • 16. What is it about your story that the world should know?
  • 17. If recovering, how long have you been in recovery?
  • 18. How long have you been sober?
  • 19. What is the longest period of time you have been sober?
  • 20. What level has your addiction reached?
    i.e., soft-core porn, hard-core porn, strip clubs, massage parlors, prostitutes, ow, om...
  • 21. When active in the addiction, how many hours a week were consumed with what you'd label "addict behavior"?
    Feel free to explain.
  • 22. For those of you who are married, if your wife were to leave, would you continue to pursue recovery?
  • 23. If in recovery, what drove you to recovery?
  • 24. What drove you to your addiction?
    Long or short answer.
  • 25. How old were you when you began using sex/masturbation as a coping mechanism?
  • 26. Are you co-dependent?
  • 27. How long did you know your partner before marriage?
  • 28. How intense (1-10) is your fear of divorce?
  • 29. Do you have a plan B if he relapses?
  • 30. Have you ever separated, or filed for divorce?
  • 31. How long have you known about your partner's addiction?
    How did you find out?
  • 32. Did you learn of the addiction before or after marrying?
  • 33. Do you have a deal-breaker?
    What is it?
  • 34. To what level has your partner's addiction reached (that you are aware of)?
    i.e., soft corn porn, hard-core porn, strip clubs, massage parlors, prostitutes, ow, om...

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July 24, 2007


Jennifer F.

Wow, this is so beautiful.

...FYI, I had a really hard time reading the words of the excerpted letters because the font is so small. It might be just my screen though. :)



Thanks SO much! I hate it when I struggle to read things on my screen. Hopefully the problem is solved now!

Jennifer F.

Thanks! I'm working on a link so I just wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy it! :)

Also, thanks so much for your email. I'm way behind on email but will reply ASAP.

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